Monday, November 7, 2011

Thinking About Nudity...

You read that right...I'm thinking about nudes. As in the kind you hang on your walls. You know...the kind that show a little...ummmmmmm...something...

For the record, I heart them.  Seriously. When done well, I think they can be beautiful, capturing the essence of the human soul. My medium of choice is charcoal, although I like oil and acrylics as well. Last week I was in an antique store that sells on consignment. I found a charcoal of a nude woman that I loooooooooved. Really, really loved...

me, "Would you ever let me hang a picture of a nude woman on the wall?..."

Mr. T., "NO." "Absolutely not." " Double hockey sticks no."

It was basically a conversation as simple as that. Oh yes, we have very different ideas when it comes to art. Extremely different. While I'm not big on prints, for years I wanted this:
Gustav Klimt

Anything by Klimt makes my heart beat a little bit faster. I love his work and I think this is beautiful, loving and warm...Mr. T thinks I'm odd. Recently I've seen several original works on etsy that are just as wonderful...

Original Painting Watercolor Abstract - Nude Study VI - Modern Contemporary Art Portrait in Red and Yellow
Open Edition Print - Art of the Figure

Classic Art of the Figure - Charcoal Drawing Open Edition Print

I would love one or any of these...have I completely offended you? What's the general take on nudes...?

Rachel :)
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Robyn @ said...

Love tasteful nudes and I'm a mom of two (14/girl and 7/boy). I always wanted a rough charcoal drawing of myself to put in my bedroom. I say just do it. It's always better to ask forgiveness that permission, right?

Unknown said...

I think that Mr. T should at least agree the the last one is BEAUTIFUL. He must make you have it! ;)

Krystyna81 said...

I love nudes, and I think that they can celebrate beauty - not exploit sexuality.

Thank you for sharing my work!

Rachel said...

Thank you all for your support...I am in LOVE with the middle pastel of the woman with her head on her knee. It will hopefully find its way into my house :)

Kristen said...

Totally off the subject, but I am taking over the Improv Challenge because Sheryl has left blogging. You were signed up to participate. If you want to continue, will you please send me an email frugalantics (at) yahoo (dot) com. Hope to hear from you. And hope you manage to get one of those beautiful pictures!