Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Kitchen Tile BackSplash

So...I know nothing about tiling. As in zilch. Zero. Nada. A few months ago, my dear friend Ann asked me if I could tile her kitchen backsplash. She and her husband had purchased the tile (and "stuff"), and it had been hanging out on her dining room floor ever since. I thought sure...I'd go to the tile class they offer at my local Home Depot, learn how to do it, and help her out. Well...I missed all the tile classes in September, they offered none in October, and all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving and I still didn't know how to tile. This is why I have the most wonderful friends. I can seriously not know anything about anything, and they still want me to come over and practice on their houses. Their nice houses..that they love! Talk about having faith in someone!

The kids and I got up Wednesday morning and headed to the big metropolis of Gray. Luckily our kids love each other so it was great that they were able to entertain themselves while we got to work. Here's how it went down...


getting ready to put the tile up

tile is on and dry...grouting

waiting to wipe off and surveying the mess I made...




They picked out a great tumbled slate mosaic blend tile. The tiles are 1" x 1" and came on a 12" x 12" mesh backing. We went with a coordinating tile strip to break up the pattern and add a little  more texture to the backsplash. It's super durable and will be able to handle any kitchen messes that might go its way!

Rachel :) 
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July Kieu said...

Any kind of backsplash can look good if you know how to install it.