Saturday, October 30, 2010


Please...we've been strong for 10 years now...since I tracked you down. The reason Marlene and I separated for two years is because I was busy graduating from college and getting married and she was too busy drinking wine and dragging out her 4 years of college into 6!

In all honesty I love her messy closet almost as much as I love her. It would drive me crazy to live with (pictures of my closet are coming, but it's safe to go ahead and assume that ALL of my clothes stay in my tiny 1950's closet ALL the time and items are organized by sleve length and color) but every season Marlene cleans out her closet! Why is this so exciting for me? Because I then get to "shop" at the specialty store Marlene's Closet...a.k.a. Marlene's hand-me-downs that she doesn't want anymore. Most of my best pieces come from, shirts, and handbags... if I am ever wearing something cute, it's from Marlene!

We will save the V story for another day...

Rachel :)
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